We loved the idea of outside in beautiful surroundings with friends and learning about nature through play and having fun.........
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Mountain Movers is a charity promoting an inclusive educational community, friendship, support, and opportunities to home educating families. Click for more details

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Mountain Movers is a community charity, run entirely by volunteers from the home education community. Our aims are to enable, empower, include and respect families that choose to educate their children themselves, outside of the school system.

We offer support to all home educating families, particularly those who have a child or children with additional learning needs/disabilities.

Mountain Movers is a community with real inclusion at its heart.


What we do.....

At Mountain Movers we aim to provide an environment where every child can participate fully in learning. 

Where education is everywhere and we can live, grow, and learn with the world around us. 

We use the medium of play to help our children navigate emotions, social skills and inclusivity. 

Kids building a basic electrical circuit

Included. Respected. Valued.

Our Latest Projects

We have run a wide range of projects over the years, across different age groups, full of fun and varied activities.

You can check out some of these projects on our dedicated page.

Mountain Movers Education project - Comic book cover

Thinking of Joining Us?

If you have any questions about home education or the activities, events and get-togethers we have at Mountain Movers, please get in touch with us.

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