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We have been very fortunate to be able to run some amazing projects since we started with the support of some amazing funders without whom, our work would not be possible.

Each year we continue to build on from the last, learning from each project to develop newer ones. Always with input directly from the community (particularly the children) on the direction and goals of the projects. 

You can find some of our future and past projects on this page.


It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.

Ann Landers

At Mountain Movers, we understand how important it is for children to learn independence skills. Even more so when a child has a disability. 

It can be hard for some parents to step back. As a community made up entirely of families in similar situations, we support, encourage and nurture each other to enable this. We understand without judgement.

A key element of our activities and projects is about developing life skills that help nurture each child, promoting independence in order to safeguard their future wellbeing.

Each child has the right to make their own friendship circles and it is our duty as home educators to facilitate this freedom. Children need the continuity of knowing they are going to see the same group of children every week in order to develop healthy friendships and learn vital social skills, problem-solving and conflict resolution. Without this consistency, social development can be stunted. 

Mountain Movers provides the safe, confidential space needed by home educating families to facilitate this vital learning and development. 


Future Projects

Mountain Movers never stays still, so we’re always looking for and undertaking interesting new projects to give our members a wide range of different experiences and skills.

Below are just some of the new and upcoming projects we’re excited to be running.

  • All Together – One Health in partnership with the University of Bristol Veterinary School
  • Space Explorers.
  • Prince’s Trust Achieve Qualification
  • Mindful Magic.

With Special Thanks to All our Past & Present Funders! 

child in yellow tshirt painting the words thank you in turquiose paint on a pale lemon coloured wall

All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent.

John F Kennedy – New York, 20th October,1960

Challenging Barriers

Over many years, we have witnessed significant bias against home education from professional services and government bodies. As well as the continued reciting of myths surrounding home education.  Part of our charitable aims is to dispel this misunderstanding and to support families in accessing services for their children. 

Unfortunately, this is mostly hampered by unnecessary barriers by a system that is consistently ignoring the need of children outside of the mainstream education system. Even though in law, families have the same right to home educate their child, as they do to a school placement. 

Mountain Movers believes that all children should be able to access any services they need to be happy, healthy and successful in life, regardless of their families’ educational choice. 

We are consistent in our calls for fair and accurate representation for home educated children by both the media and government, as well as for families accessing what should be universal services. 

We believe that all parties should come together with mutual respect and understanding to ensure that no child is disadvantaged because of educational placement. 

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