Welcoming HE.Barry as part of Mountain Movers

30th July 2021


We are very excited to let the home education community know that Mountain Movers are blending with the charity Home Education Barry. This will reduce the workload from two charities with same aims to one and allow us to bring more support and opportunities to the community. 

What changes will this bring? 

More activities, more projects, more!

There will still be regular activities taking place in the Vale of Glamorgan and Swansea Valley. 

We will have two Facebook pages – Mountain Movers -Swansea Valley and Mountain Movers – Vale from September. You can easily see the different projects and activities nearest to you. There will also be larger activities/events which will be shared across both.

A new calendar feature will be added on the news and events page, which will show all activities and in the title if it’s a Vale or Swansea Valley activity. Booking for places will be via our existing booking site Ticket Source and again, in the description, each activity will state if it’s a Vale or Swansea Valley activity. 

Mountain Movers -Vale, will still be headed by Donna Rapley (who will be a new trustee for Mountain Movers) and her committee of Tamara and Ellie. 

Mountain Movers – Swansea Valley will still be run by Erika, Cheryl and Cath. 


We are going to change the way our membership works. From September we will offer two different ways to access Mountain Movers activities. One through membership and the other Pay as You Attend. The monthly membership fees will give us the flexibility to be able to host regular third party workshops and activities exclusively for members. 

So what’s the difference?

Monthly Membership Members will pay a monthly fee (payable in advance) – £15.00 Per Family (or £10 for single-child families). Payment will be via standing order which means each family is in complete control of the payments. This monthly membership will allow members to:

  • attend Mountain Movers Swansea Valley AND Mountain Movers Vale regular weekly group sessions at no additional cost*! (*does not include special events/workshops)
  • Discounted rates on special events/workshops
  • Exclusive Projects/events/workshops for members only!
  • Early access to booking places for activities before Pay as You Attend families and priority booking for Project places.
  • Access to free community garden sessions in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan. Spring and Summer. 
  • 20% discount on ASDAN course purchases

Pay As You Attend 

  • Can attend any of the regular weekly group sessions at either Vale of Swansea Valley for £7 per visit. Workshops and Activities will cost more.  
  • Can attend projects/events/activities etc if there are available places. 

How to apply for membership

See our new membership policy for terms and conditions regarding membership and if you wish to sign up just fill in the online membership form.

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